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Jewel And Lia Lesbian Sex

Tuesday, August 21st, 2012

We are having a very hot run on Private School Jewel and Lia lesbian pictures and videos just now and I fucking love it!

The sexy babes jump into the tub naked and cover their hot bodies in suds and bubbles!

Absolutely amazing bodies on these sexy babesgreat tits and lovely smooth shaven and trim pussies, just ripe for finger-fucking!

Get inside and watch them disrobe and jump in the tub together naked, watch them run their hands and mouths all over their naked bodies!

Jewel Lia Lesbian Sex

Private School Jewel And Lia

Saturday, August 4th, 2012

Another tasty Jewel and Lia lesbian encounter as the horny babes get naked in the pool for some action!

The sexy lesbian duo are in the pool in their bikinis and their getting each other naked, stripping them off to get their hands, fingers and mouth onto each others amazingly naked bodies!

Join the girls for this very intimate lesbian session as they caress, grab and kiss all over!

Jewel Lia Lesbian Kisses

Jewel’s Horny Lesbian Sex

Wednesday, July 11th, 2012

Sexy Private School Jewel is joined by her horny blonde girlfriend, Lia for a naughty lesbian sex play date in this brand new update!

Join these naughty lesbian girls and watch them strip off each others clothes and get naked in the garden, enjoying their sexy naked bodies!

Both of these horny lesbian babes have amazing bodies and seeing them together like this is something else altogether!

It’s not the first time we’ve seen these horny lesbians together check out this steamy encounter!

Jewel And Lia Lesbian Sex

Sexy Lesbian Kisses

Monday, September 26th, 2011

The solo pics from Private School Jewel are amazing but when she joins up with a sexy girlfriend for a sensual lesbian encounter it’ll blow your mind!

In this brand new picture update from Private School Jewel, the naughty lesbian hottie is joined by her equally hot and sexy girlfriend Destiny for some lesbian fun!

Dressed in just their tiny bikinis, the girls enjoy teasing together, out by the pool and in the garden, showing off their sexy tight bodies, eventually teasing their hot tits out of their bikini tops and sharing some soft, sensual lesbian kisses!

Private School Jewel Soft Lesbian Kiss

Frisky Lesbian Girls

Wednesday, May 25th, 2011

Sexy petite lesbian girlfriends, Jewel and Michelle are at the beach again, in their sexy little bikinis!

These are hot, tiny, revealing bikinis, that show off the best of these sexy girls bodies!

Getting frisky, the naughty, horny teens get down to touching each other up and stripping each others bikinis off.

Watch them gently suckle on each others tiny pink nipples and slide their fingers over bald pussies, in what has to be the lead up to a very sexy lesbian sex session!

Private School Jewel Lesbian Sex

Cute Lesbians Naked At The Beach

Tuesday, March 29th, 2011

I hope you didn’t miss this naughty little lesbian update on Private School Jewel, it’s another set from when Jewel hooked up with her sexy, cute little girlfriend Michelle at the beach!

Watch these naughty girls strip each other naked and check out those hot little teen pussies. Look how fucking smooth they are, and you just know they are going to be tight too!

There’s more of Jewel and Michelle in action inside. I bet you love all the girl-on-girl we are getting from Private School Jewel just now!!!

Teen Lesbian Pussy

Lesbian Private School Jewel

Jewel Meets Lia And Gets Naked

Thursday, February 24th, 2011

Another tasty little Private School Jewel video, this time she’s with her sexy girlfriend Lia from Lia19 and the naughty pair are checking out each others amazing bodies!

This is the moment that these two naughty, horny, lesbians teens got introduced and the first thing they do is check out the hot naked bodies! It’s all very soft and sensual but it’s all very hot too, with the girls stripping off each others clothes and checking out their sweet naked tits, ass and pussies!

There’s such a sweet contrast between Jewl’s pert little tits and small nipple to Lia’s long, thick nipples!

Many months ago we got to see a naughty Private School Jewel lesbian sex session with Lia19 and the girls really got to know each other very intimately.

This is a great video from Jewel, another one from her hot little video collection showing just how cute and sexy she really is!!!

Jewel’s Lesbian Threesome

Friday, February 11th, 2011

Now this is fucking hot!!! Private School Jewel with not just one of her sexy lesbian friends, but two, for an amazing threesome!!!

Jewel is joined by Paris and Andi for a sexy little soft lesbian sex session! The naughty girls get together, get naked on the bed, stripping off each others clothes and then they share out their pussies and tits, taking turns sucking and licking on them!

We’ve seen Jewel with Andi before and we’ve seen Jewel with Paris before too and we already know how hot that all turned out, but now we have the 3 of them together, naked, having lots of lesbian fun!!!

Watch all this hot lesbian 3-way with Private School Jewel right now!!!

Private School Jewel Lesbian Threesome

Sexy Lesbians At The Beach

Tuesday, January 4th, 2011

Another sexy naked lesbian gallery from Private School Jewel!!! This time Jewel is with her hot little, petite girlfriend, Michelle, down at the beach in their tiny bikinis!!!

This sexy lesbian duo can’t keep their hands and lips off each other as they play in the sand and surf!!!

Off come the bikinis and the frisky teen girls are kissing and caressing like there’s no tomorrow in this sexy, soft lesbian action!!!

These teens have the pertest little tits and Michelle can’t keep her mouth off of Jewel’s. She’s very quick to get down and suckle on her erect yet soft nipples!!! Brunette Michelle has her hands all over Jewel’s hot little pussy too!!!

It’s now wonder that this is all happening in the sea, these girls need to keep cool with all this hot sexy lesbian action!!!

For all of Private School Jewel’s lesbian action adventures, check out her site, there’s videos of Jewel and her girlfriends naked in action together too!!!

Naked Lesbians Private School Jewel and Michelle

Private School Jewel and Girlfriend Paris

Sunday, December 19th, 2010

Well you’ve seen the Private School Jewel and Paris lesbian video, now here’s the picture set to go with it, with all the action caught, image by image!!!

Remember these quotes from Jewel and Paris on the video?

Jewel: “We thought it would be fun if we made out for a little bit”

Paris: “Mmmm, she tastes good!”

See the girls undress each other on the bed for a little girl-on-girl action! See them running their fingers all over their naked bodies! See them sharing soft sensual kisses and embraces as they turn each other on!!!

Get the full lesbian video and all the pictures right here!!!

Jewel and Paris Lesbian Fun

Jewel’s Lesbian Sex With Andi

Friday, October 22nd, 2010

Jewel has another naughty lesbian encounter with a sexy girlfriend in this site update. Jewel meets Andi Pink for the very first time and fall for each other instantly!

This was actually Jewel’s first shoot with another girl, it’s her very first lesbian shoot, so naturally she was a bit shy and nervous but there it is still a really hot, sexy and sensual picture set with the horny lesbian girls getting acquainted with each other.

Private School Jewel and Andi slowly strip each other naked, taking it in turns to remove their tops, bras and panties.

They’ve both got really hot bodies with great tits and tight pussies and it doesn’t take the horny girls long to explore them with their fingers and tongues!

Private School Jewel Andi Pink Lesbian

“My first shoot with another girl, the spunky and cute Andi Pink. She comes from the same place I do and it was nice to meet another girl doing a website. I hope I’m as popular as Andi one day!”

Get this full 70 picture, hi-res update now, along with all of the other Private School Jewel pictures and videos.

Private School Jewel Video

Sunday, August 8th, 2010

I’ve hinted at Jewel’s naughty lesbian side already a couple of posts ago, when Private School Jewel opened – here is a free teaser lesbian video with Jewel and Paris, her sexy, petite, blonde girlfriend!

The naked bodies on these two sexy blondes are just amazing, both very slim, tight and petite!

Jewel: “We thought it would be fun if we made out for a little bit”

Paris: “Mmmm, she tastes good!”

Now doesn’t that sound good for the first Private School Jewel video preview?!?!

Check it out below and then check out the full video to see how this ‘make out’ session turned into a little bit more!

Watch the action and see Paris sucking and licking on Jewel’s pert, pink nipples before the gesture is returned and Jewel tastes Paris’ erect nipples for herself! The soft little moans and groans from both these dirty teens tell us that they are enjoying it!

They strip naked and the pants and moans get a little more intense when the fingers start to stroke their hot little pussies!

The full video is amazing. Paris really turns up the heat with this suggestion,

Paris: “Mmm, let’s rub our pussies together”

Jewel: “Okay, just a little bit!”

Jewel is fucking amazing!!! She’s up for trying anything!

There’s just over 10 minutes of this horny lesbian girlfriend fun from these sexy petite lesbians in this video and it’s waiting right inside Private School Jewel with all the other videos and pictures!!!

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